I recently won a contest over at Tongal in a new format they’ve created.

This contest was only open to pitches from the top 100 members of Tongal (based off of previous winnings). I was 42nd at the time I submitted my pitch but now I should jump up a couple spots. They haven’t announced it on Tongal yet even though ScoreBigDaily had a big PR release today.

I have previously placed in the finals of two contests, you can see them on my Tongal portfolio, but I have yet to win one until this contest.

I wrote a script and drew a storyboard for my idea and received an email within two days that said my pitch had won! So only based off my boards and idea, I was already chosen to win. That’s much different than your typical contest where only after you’ve created your final product do you have a chance at winning.

I had one week to execute my pitch, on top of crunch time at work or I would be banned from this new format forever (Sandlot voice) and not receive the payment for winning. Luckily, I was able to pull it off in the short amount of time.

I used Maya and After Effects to create it and edited in Final Cut.

At the time of writing this it looks like the app is currently the 7th most downloaded app in the free app sports category in the Apple App store.

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