The guys from WeRx contacted me a little while back after they saw some of my previous work and were interested in me putting together a video for them that helped explained what WeRx is all about and why anyone should care.

After one phone call from them, I was sold on the idea. The guys behind WeRx are two brothers who are both doctors passionate about this subject because they got tired of seeing their patient’s health degenerate because they thought they couldn’t afford their prescription drugs (when they didn’t know prescription drug prices can be drastically different between pharmacies and that they could afford it).

So they created WeRx. Why? Because unlike a gas station that posts it’s gas prices high in the sky for everyone to see, pharmacies keep their prices hidden.

By joining WeRx, you can post prescription drug prices so people can know which pharmacy they can afford to get their medications from, preventing further health complications due to not taking their medications.

Below is the video I made to help explain the problem. You can also find a link to it on their website by clicking the ‘watch the video’ link:

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