Mar / 31


Patience from Lucas Ridley on Vimeo. I’m happy to be able to share online the short film I made last year that is based on my experience of having cancer. I couldn’t have made this without the help of some close friends. Many thanks goes to them. Looking back now it was kind of insane […]

Feb / 19

Dolby short film “Silent”

I’m happy to share a recent project that wrapped here at Moonbot Studios. I animated several shots in this short and even took over editing the animatic while our editor was out of the studio and we needed to create iterations for the client. I also helped fix the airplane model and UV it (for […]


Dec / 29

2013 Wrap Up

Now is the yearly ritual of reflecting on the past 12 months and I’m stoked to list a few things that occurred this year. I re-read last year’s summary and it was a great reminder of just how much can happen in one year. My memory is already trying to stretch those events over several […]

Dec / 15

LEGO animated short films

Over a 4 month period, while I was also filming and completing my live-action short film “Patience,” I also created 4 animated short films for LEGO. It was a very busy time since I was doing this in my spare time after work and I was still recovering from my last round of chemotherapy. I […]

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Oct / 28

Jenna + Dash Wedding Film

One of my good friends recently married and I filmed their wedding. Before I went into animation I was beginning a wedding photographer and filmmaker career. I made several posts about it, and one video I made about wedding photography three years ago has 42k views.  Here is the short version of my friend’s recent […]

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Oct / 26

Shreveport Tourism Video

I made a quick tourism video as a test for the website Jauntaroo.com. They held an online contest called “The Best Job Around the World” for which I made the Top 50. I didn’t make the final cut so they took down the video I made so I reuploaded it:

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Oct / 1

Best Job Around the World

Out of over 3,000 entries from 99 countries my submission to the bestjobaroundtheworld.com contest made the Top 50! You can vote once every 24 hours here: http://www.bestjobaroundtheworld.com/submissions/view/15824 What does this mean? One person is going to earn a salary of $100k and travel the world for one year on jauntaroo.com‘s dime making content for their website. […]