This isn’t really a “How to,” but thought it would be more appropriate than the “Blog” title. Above is a video where I talk about the flight over the track log in Google Earth – hope it’s not as boring as that sounds.

I’ll go ahead and apologize for no in-flight pictures, my wife took our little camera on a relief trip to Haiti (good excuse huh).

We launched a little late, about 3pm, I landed around 6pm and had a great flight overall. Below is a screen shot of FlyChart which comes with a 6030 vario and lets you get all nerdy with your flight – you can see speed, altitude, and vario all plotted and aligned together.

Oh and I titled this with the “Milk Run” because that’s what Ollie calls flying this route, I think he stole milk as a child or something . . .

Click it to make bigger

Click it to make bigger

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