I decided to share a wonderful drink I discovered when reading Born to Run. It’s called Iskiate in the book and is otherwise known as Chia Fresca. It’s main ingredient is the same Chia seed that you used to grow your Chia pet as a child, or maybe even as an adult. The big selling point is the seed’s nutritional value, which the book describes is like eating a salmon steak with spinach. So it tastes sweet and it’s good for you!

It’s very simple: combine Chia seeds (8 tbsp), Sugar (4 tbsp), Warm water (3 c), and lime juice (2 limes) – then refrigerate – but you might want to stir intermittently while it’s initially cooling down in the frig so you don’t get big chunks. That is the recipe I use, I’m sure you can find others out there, I know I found one that suggested putting a little rum in it to make it like a mojito.

I just bought some Chia seeds bulk for fairly cheap, see below for links on where you can buy them. It’s definitely cheaper than the green grocery in town.

Here’s a link for a 3 lb bag of them: 3-pound-chia-seed-internet-special


Interested more in the book “Born to Run” :


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