I’m just learning to play the piano, and with John Lennon’s birthday yesterday I thought I might share one of the few songs I know how to play.

I learned how to play it on some random video site that had horrible video quality, split the song into two separate videos, and had confusing instructions. So I thought I would just put up something that might be a little easier than the video I learned the song from.

I probably messed up naming the keys somewhere in the video, so sorry about that if I did. Making this video was good practice for me because it forced me to label the keys I was playing! Right now, I just play from memory and don’t really know chords and all that technical mumbo jumbo about music so I have a long way to go.

But this really is a rewarding song to learn how to play and it’s not too difficult.

Just focus on learning one hand at a time for one section of the song at a time and replay it over and over! Good luck.

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