Since moving to Vancouver, I’ve been pretty busy with film school, drawing and learning some software, but as The Shining teaches us, all work and no play means you might chase people with an ax.

So I needed to get outside and play. Luckily, a few of my classmates were eager to join me to Whistler Bungee and jump off a platform.

I’ve bungee jumped one other time in my life while visiting Rotorua, New Zealand, about 9 years ago. It was a blast then and it was a blast today. It jumpstarts your heart like nothing else. The sensation of free fall is incredible!

I brought my Canon 7D along with me and shot at 1280 x 720 60 fps. That way I could bring it into Cinema Tools on my Mac and easily conform the 60fps footage down to 24fps and make the footage slow motion. Enjoy the video.

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