So today, in one day, I learned to sky dive! I got 8 jumps in and passed all the requirements for each jump so now I can jump on my own without supervision of an instructor. The next goal is to total 25 jumps and get my A license. After 200 jumps I could start flying a wingsuit.

Having over 400 hours in a hang glider does help in accelerating the learning process of another air sport, like skydiving. It is as much as a mental advantage as it is physical. I have reached a certain level of comfortability for being at altitude from flying hang gliders that allows my mind to focus on the tasks at hand instead of overcoming the obstacle or fears that I might of had, if I did not have the hang gliding experience.

Flying and landing the parachute was quite easy relative to hang gliders. For pilots out there, imagine flying a boaty Falcon with a drogue chute out. I would love to write more about all this but I’m tired and need to get some sleep, another full day of jumps tomorrow. I’ll let the video speak for itself, it was a fun day.

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