I loved this project even though it was very short lived. From the time I created my pitch to final render was about two days.

I really enjoy the process of brainstorming an idea in my head and then going out and making that thing that used to only live in my brainacle.

If you know someone in high school, they should check out this competition. Essentially, they could write a program for these floating spheres to be run and tested on the space station.

Below you can see the very rough concept drawing I drew compared to what I eventually made (haha, wow, I just realized I mistyped .edu to .efu – that shows what can happen in a rush, I drew this on my lunch break from Moonbot):

My concept drawing

Final render

This was part of the hidden program called “gig’s” on Tongal.com. Gigs are only available to the top #100 members of the site, I’m currently in #38th so this project was open to me.

Thanks NASA, that was fun.

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