Since moving back to Lookout the amount I’ve flown has increased by like 1,000%. It feels great to be back in an area I love and the flying community is so great.

Here’s video of a flight I posted, unedited, because for whatever reason the last time I did that, that video now has 15,000 views, way more than some other one’s I’ve spent time editing.

So it’s a win/win if people like watching that more and I don’t spend time editing. I included a few links on the left of the video so you can jump around or you can spend the whole hour with me and see what flying to “the point” of Lookout Mountain is really like! It’s 11 miles one way! My battery died on the way back, but I did make it back safely.

This day wasn’t ideal for it and most people probably wouldn’t have even tried since there were few thermals and it was weak ridge lift only getting a few hundred feet over the ridge at best. Follow me here: 

I took a still from this video and posted it on my new business’s instagram account and it got shared by instagramtennessee who has 18k followers! I’ll post more about my business soon by the way. I edited the photo below on my iPhone with the app Snapseed.

The view from Point Park on Lookout Mountain via @keyfloatcenter #instagramtennessee #Chattanooga

A photo posted by @instagramtennessee on

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