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For three months I slept on the floor of a friend’s closet and it was great. I had to lay diagonally to have enough room to be flat on the floor.

Calling that experience ‘great’ might sound odd, but it was. I proved to myself I was willing to do what it took to achieve my goals, which I did. At that time it was to work in the animation industry.

[su_heading size=”14″]Do you have a goal for which you’re willing to sleep on the floor of a closet for 3 months?[/su_heading]

Do you have any goal right now? If I told you, that tonight and every night for the next three months, if you sleep on the floor of your closet instead of your bed that you would magically achieve your goal, would you do it?

If so, then you’re one step closer to seriously committing to that goal, if not, you might re-evaluate how important that goal is and what sacrifices you’re willing to make.

This is the floor I slept on for three months in a friend's closet. I'm standing in the doorway and there was barely enough room to lay down.

This is the floor I slept on for three months in a friend’s closet. I’m standing in the doorway and there was barely enough room to lay down.

I just left a job that many people would kill for, an animator staff position at a studio. I left it to start my own business. One way or another I am going to start this business because I know I am willing to sleep on the floor or my car or whatever version of sacrifice needs to be made.

If the business doesn’t work out I will at least know it’s not because I wasn’t willing to make sacrifices. I would be much more scared of starting a business if I didn’t have many experiences of sacrifice.

Otto Lilienthal was a pioneer of the sky that sacrificed his life for advancing aviation. His last words to his brother Gustav after a crash were “Opfer müssen gebracht werden!” (Sacrifices must be made!). Source

This is an extreme example and hopefully it won’t come to that with my business, but having faced death several times in my life I feel privileged to be able to choose to make sacrifices in pursuit of a goal.

Sacrifices don’t have to be all doom and gloom, to be in a position to choose to sacrifice something is worth appreciating. Many times in life we make sacrifices not of our own choosing so I am excited to have a choice in what sacrifices I make in pursuit of a goal and I hope you are too.

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