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If you’ve ever squinted at a bright screen while all the lights are off and in bed, this will help you.

In this video I show you how to turn on the night mode of your iPhone or Apple device by clicking the Home button three times. I found this through a reddit forum here.

Follow along with the video or follow the steps outlined below:

  1. General -> Accessibility -> Zoom
  2. Turn on Zoom
  3. Turn on Show Controller
  4. Click the Controller
  5. Select Choose Filter
  6. Select Low Light
  7. Move the bottom slider to the far left to zoom out.
  8. Click outside of Controller
  9. Click Zoom Region
  10. Select Full Screen Zoom
  11. Click back to Zoom
  12. Turn off Show Controller
  13. Click Accessibility
  14. Scroll to the bottom and Select Accessibility Shortcut
  15. Select Zoom
  16. Triple press home button to turn off Zoom
  17. Triple press home button to turn on Zoom


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