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3D Medical Animation in Autodesk Maya

Learn to create biological 3D animations and problem-solve inside the industry standard software for 3D animation
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If you learn best with projects and have always been interested in 3D animation, this is the course for you! If you’re also in the medical field then this course will be even more beneficial.

This course is geared toward the beginner but there’s something for everyone in this course including fairly advanced material. It’s the kind of course you could start with and return to as you progress in your understanding of 3D.

I will not just show you what buttons to press but I explain why we’re pressing them. We’ll create a plan of attack for the most complex series so we understand why we’re taking the approach we are and how other approaches wouldn’t work and why.

I’ve divided the course into four sections (with a bonus section):

  1. Cell Division
    1. We’ll create one cell dividing into two, and these two divide again
  2. Chromosomes
    1. Model in a modular way so we can leverage Maya’s MASH motion graphics tools
  3. DNA
    1. There is a beginner and advanced section so we can show a simple and more complex approach
  4. Bloodflow (and heart bonus)
    1. Control a particle system with fields and animate blood flow
    2. We will also dive deeper into fields with a bonus series on creating the iconic heart shape with red blood cells

This is my most ambitious course I’ve made so far and I hope you enjoy it. I learned things creating it so I know you’ll get something out of it as well.

Who Am I?

My name is Lucas Ridley and I work full-time as a professional 3D Animator on movies like Suicide Squad, Transformers, and Ready Player One. My work has contributed to Emmy-winning projects and has been nominated for several other awards like the Annie’s. My freelance clients include LEGO, Braun, Nestle, and many others.