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Maya for Beginners: Animation

Learn how to animate in 3D with Autodesk Maya
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In this course, you will gain an understanding of animation and it’s fundamental principles while beginning to master the industry standard software Autodesk Maya.

The course will start with the total beginner in mind and then get progressively more complex so you’ll be able to follow along and advance your skill as an animator.

There are four exercises we will use to help us learn:

  • generic bouncing ball
  • specific bouncing balls
  • robot arm picking up a box
  • walk cycle with the “Bones” character rig

Even though this section is a continuation of the “Maya for Beginners” course you can still start with this one if you’re only interested in animation. However, I encourage you to check out the other courses as well. My recommendation, if you have the time, is to start with Modeling, then Texturing, then Rigging, and finally this course. But it is not required you take the other courses, it would just give you a broader knowledge set of Maya if you were to take the others.

Go to the Project page for the course to download the scene files. I provide all the rigs you will need to follow along. Thanks for enrolling, leaving a review, and don’t forget to hit the “Follow” button on my profile to be notified of future courses. Thanks