I’m always curious what kind of traffic websites get beyond the ubiquitous digital counter at the bottom of web pages. After I began using Google Analytics (it’s free!) I realized how much statistics are available for websites.

Most of them are useless to me beyond the initial level of curiosity. Nonetheless, I do find it interesting to imagine someone from Sri Lanka, Qatar, Namibia, or anyone from the other over 126 countries that have stumbled to my site.

To everyone who has visited: Thank you!

I began this site to be able to keep a small blog and post my work. So far, besides putting out the ‘Cool Stuff‘ posts, that’s mainly what I’ve continued to do with this website. As I mentioned in my last post, that might be changing with me attending film school. This site might become more ‘bloggy,’ but I’m not sure.

The spike you see in the traffic was when my goofy Avatar video was ‘spotlighted‘ on YouTube’s homepage during the Oscar’s this year. That was the most traffic this site has seen in one day: 526 visits. The combined views from the short and long versions of that video have reached about 316,000 views so far.

The other two big traffic drivers of this site since then have been the bokeh tutorial and the chia fresca recipe.

Thanks everyone for visiting the site, the second year of this site should be interesting since I’ll be in film school . . .

This shows all the different 2,073 cities in the US where people have viewed my website.

People from 127 countries have visited this site over the last year.

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