I’ve been in Vancouver for about a week now (earlier I blogged about my move here). I took a timelapse while I made the cross country drive. I thought I might as well since I’m driving that far.

VFS is a great school so far. Each one of my instructors has worked on major films and all my classmates are talented and friendly. I have 30-36 hours of instruction per week not including assignments. It is a very intense program that lives up to it’s motto: Results Matter.

If I make anything cool I may post it here, but for now, it’s back to work . . .

See the timelapse video below:

  • Miles driven: ~2,700
  • Photos taken: ~8,600
  • Photo taken every: 15 seconds
  • Avg. Canon 7D battery usage: 1.25/per day
  • 10 seconds of this video = one hour of driving
  • Average mpg (Honda Fit): 18-28
  • Strongest headwind encountered driving: 60 mph (that’s why I got 18mpg)
  • Frequency my dog farted in the back seat: 1-3 times per hour
  • Flat tires: 0
  • Times stuck in snow: 0

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