I love this affect of seeing trees from overhead, how everything splays out from the center.

Here are some of the images I took from my two hour flight today at Mount Woodside. It was a great little flight. Mainly ridge soaring.

The highlights were playing in the clouds, watching a family of eagles fly around, flying around with them, seeing two eagles grab their talons and tumble together, and meeting new pilots and flying a new site. I love any site that lets you see or fly over some water and this one has a gorgeous view of a river convergence.

Since my car wasn’t able to make it up the mountain I had to leave all my expensive camera gear behind and I just used my old trusty Canon PowerShot SD870 for these shots. I used this same camera to win my first YouTube contest back in the day too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nZfJjRrEb4

Launch is to the right in the photo.

A Bald Eagle going into the clouds.

My favorite moment from today, even though I felt like the ugly duckling trying to keep up with them.

My second favorite moment.

The scenery from this site is terrific.

Always enjoy finding terrain like this while flying. It's like looking at a painting . . . while flying a hang glider.

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