Earlier this year I spent several months in San Francisco working with the great group of guys at DIY. I blogged on how that came about earlier.

The whole DIY gang. And an example of living what they preach, they built those redwood desks themselves!

After I completed the animation at DIY, they still had to score the piece and wait for the right time to post the video based on the features they were rolling out on their website, and now it’s out!

I’m responsible for all the animation in the piece, we had one animation intern, David Cameron, that animated two close up hand shots, while I animated everything else. I really enjoyed working with everyone and David Chontos did a great job overseeing the whole production, lighting, and rendering side of things.

It was a pleasure to work with the directors, Daren and Isaiah, they are an inspiring group to work with, very creative.

Check out their website! Enjoy! And start making!




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