I shared the story of me and my dog with Eukanuba and they wanted me to test out their food for one month and document the changes. This is the video I made about it! These are real changes I saw in him and he’s still on the food. Even though they paid me to make this video, I’m sticking with this dog food if for no other reason than he does shed less hair now. I filmed mostly with my Canon 7D. It is about 5 years old and still performs well. There were a couple shots using my GoPro and I recently got a Sony RX100 ii which is a great point and shoot camera and I may do a review on it soon. The stop motion section in the middle with the dog food I animated “straight ahead” without any programs like DragonFrame and it took almost 4 hours to film those few seconds, but it was really fun. Here’s a behind the scenes photo of that set up:

photo (1)

Thanks for watching! 464388_590845304558_2023717553_o

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