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I’m happy to say that my half second of hang gliding fame made the cut for a short film curated by director Christopher Nolan. It was a collaboration by Google and the movie Interstellar to create a time capsule of what life is like on earth.

You can watch the 10 minute short film “Emic” for free! – but you’ll have to jump to around 7:05 to see the half second of me hang gliding.

If you want to see more than a half a second of flying, you can see the full version of the video I made below. I’ve been wanting to make a very short POV video of what it’s like to hang glide, which means getting there and setting up takes up as much time as the actual flying we do most times!




I filmed this on a GoPro and used the head strap to film the entire thing, even to attach it to the hang glider! I used a couple bungie cords to secure it really tight, it was a bit risky of a set up because I didn’t have it tied off anywhere as a back up. But it also allowed me to get the GoPro as far back and close to the keel as possible, where normally another mount is so bulky you sacrifice a wider view by having to slide the camera up the keel so it doesn’t hit the ground.

While flying this was my first time to use the remote so I was able to not waste card space on filming the entire flight, only the sections I wanted, and I was able to switch to stills and get photos while flying like the one below.


Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.20.06 AM